Trucking Services


In today's business environment there is an ever-increasing emphasis on improving the "bottom line". Our goal is to cut our customer's total transportation cost while improving our fleet efficiency. We are an asset based logistics provider. Additionally, we have approved carriers that lend several thousand trucks to our fleet. We best know how to add value and reduce cost. Combining this experience with the efforts of our clients, We offer maximum savings in total transportation cost. Our commitment to the combined team concept is an essential ingredient to this success. We are proud of our outstanding record of safe, on-time deliveries, and our commitment to exceptional customer service.

  • Load consolidation.
  • Around the clock operations.
  • Dedicated Service.
  • Guaranteed Savings.
  • Traffic Studies.
  • Proven Client/Logistics Partnership Programs.
  • Internet based Load Status Reports.
  • Internet based Customer Activity Report.
  • Split Billing.
  • Convenience Back Hauls.
  • Convenience Participation.
  • Product Knowledge.
  • EDI Billing.
  • Customized monthly savings reports.
  • Cost Sharing.

Truck Load Options


We’re flexible enough to build creative solutions that meet your specific needs. We can commit resources from our standard fleet to you on a temporary basis without a long-term contract. Our local facilities have the flexibility to assist you with capacity on everything from same-day, across-town shipments to local and regional truckload moves.


When time is key, we can provide prompt trucking services to make sure your freight is delivered at the time you specify, guaranteed.


We can supplement or replace your private fleet through our dedicated contract carriage services. Our fleet management expertise allows you to focus on your core business, while we help you optimize your transportation.

Integrated Services:

More than your typical brokerage offering, we have built a strong network of outsourced transportation providers to serve your diversified capacity needs. We can provide multi-modal solutions, including vans and container drayage. We also have access to specialized equipment, such as flatbeds, drop decks, reefers and boat haulers.

An Unrivaled Distribution Network:

When you choose us, you get access to our robust distribution network. Scattered across the country, our facilities feature economical on-site fueling, along with maintenance services and additional equipment. And by combining our truckload services with our distribution network, we can provide options, such as pool distribution and consolidation services.